These are some questions we commonly hear from our customers, but in our opinion there’s no substitute for individual service. If the answer you’re looking for isn’t here, please call us at (416) 925-1758 and we’ll be happy to assist you personally.

At Specs on Bloor, we believe that the very best eye care combines professional expertise, state-of-the-art technology, an eye for fashion, and attentive customer care.

How will I know which frame shape will suit me?

After 30 years we’ve developed a bit of a knack for helping our customers choose frames that look great, fit well, and perfectly reflect their personal style. We’re keen to offer advice when needed, but we never push.

How long will it take for my glasses to be ready?

For single-lens prescriptions we’ll have your glasses ready while you wait. For others the turnaround time is approximately one week.

Will I still need glasses after corrective laser surgery?

According to Health Canada, if you are over the age of 40 you will probably need reading glasses after laser eye surgery. Your eyes will also continue to change as you age, making glasses or contacts necessary again at some point.1

Specs on Bloor can offer advice on alternatives to laser surgery, or help you fine-tune your eyewear if it’s necessary after your treatment.

1Health Canada. It’s Your Health: Laser Eye Surgery

What are progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses (also known as progressive addition lenses, variable-focus eyeglasses, or no-line bifocals) are a high-tech innovation that replicates your natural vision for multiple distances – without the dividing line of regular bifocals.

Do you have an in-house optometrist?

Eye exams are available by appointment. Please call us at (416) 925-1758.

I'm a student on a tight budget. Are your glasses out of my range?

Absolutely not! Specs on Bloor is located near the University of Toronto, so we know you need to hit the books without eye strain – at a price that won’t strain your wallet. Join the many students who have discovered our special offer: buy your lenses with us and we’ll give you 30% off the price of your frames.

Won't I get a better deal at a chain store or discounter?

We all love a bargain, but when it comes to prescription glasses it’s important to deal with someone you trust. Although discounters may offer goods bought in bulk for lower prices, they can’t always offer the individual attention you’ll need as your vision changes. At Specs on Bloor we’ve been committed to total customer care for over 30 years. That means we know you, we’re here when you need us, and we take it personally if you’re not happy. We also purchase the brands we know our customers want, rather than pushing stock bought by a remote head office. You’ll appreciate our sale events and special offers, but more than that, you’ll appreciate knowing that we care.


We carry an extensive range of designer eyewear.


Progressive lenses?

Having trouble with your Progressive lenses? We can help! Sign up for our free Progressive Lens Clinic.

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