Progressive Lens Clinic

What are progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses (also known as progressive addition lenses, variable-focus eyeglasses, or no-line bifocals) are a high-tech innovation that replicates your natural vision for multiple distances – without the dividing line of regular bifocals.

Why do I need the Progressive Lens Clinic?

With progressive lenses, as with any sophisticated technology, you really do get what you pay for. The best eye-care professionals will properly evaluate your requirements and ensure that you enjoy clear, comfortable vision at all distances from near to far.

Our Progressive Lens Clinic is for you if:

  • you’d like to learn more about progressive lenses;
  • you’ve heard about problems with progressive lenses and want to get the facts;
  • you want to know if progressive lenses will meet your expectations;
  • you’re not satisfied with your existing prescription and want to know if the problem is with the fitting of your glasses or the refractive power of your lenses.

When is the next Clinic?

Please call us at (416) 925-1758 to sign up so we can schedule a personal consultation. We look forward to seeing you!

What to bring:

  • your eyeglasses and the written prescription for them
  • any previous eyeglasses

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